All material shown with permission, do not distribute. Currently based in New York working under 10of9 Management.


  • #01 VOLKSWAGEN “Habitat” commercial (ARG/BRA) CG character over live action, stabilized shots, general cleanup and matte painting projection, stock footage roto and comp (

  • #02 LEMSIP "Nightmare / Around the clock" commercials (UK), CG characters composited over live action, light interaction between the beams of light and the objects in the scene (

  • #03 KNORR “Draw emotions” commercial (MEX) 2D character projection over 3D geometry (

  • #04 Introductory shot for documentary “Panama Canal Stories”, It involved 3d tracking original shot, mesh generation and matte painting projection within Nuke, simulated crowd with multiple instances of workers over greenscreen, and CG trains and digging-machines (
  • #05 FORD “Curiosity” - compact SUV commercial (LATAM) Sky replacements and wire removals. Shot stabilisation with 3d tracking, matte paintings and set extensions (

  • #06 VIVERE “Bouquets” commercial (LATAM) 2.5D particle dissolves and transformation effects between objects with Trapcode Particular (http://

  • #07 ALMAMORA “CarlaLouis” commercial (ARG) Reducing skin imperfections. Main characters “blending” into each other VFX. The shots weren’t motion-controlled, so they had to be locked down before re-animating camera moves for the blending effects (

  • #08 SPONTEX “Hedgehog” commercial (UK/FRA) CG creature integration, general image cleanup and replacements (

  • #09 POWERADE “iON4" commercial (ARG) Look development, graphic elements design, compositing and grading (

  • #10 BANCO DE BOSQUES (NGO) promotional video (LATAM) CG creatures over miniature set